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About Us

GNOSIS, the Greek word for KNOWLEDGE, is a social impact research and development project built by humans for humanity’s sake.

Our vision is to create a better future using education as the well spring for knowledge. Our mission is to support future generations to cultivate a better model for life in the 21st century.

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Project Gnosis

… interfaced their diverse knowledge base to create a sustainable digitally blended learning program unique to 21st century needs and lifestyles. No other company in the EU is this specialized.

We advocate the

… importance and relevance for a strict decentralization of the tech industry because ‘with great power comes even greater responsibility’ -the 1st of four cornerstones Project Gnosis is built upon.

We believe

… ‘Education is a basic human right’. Tech literacy needs to be accessible to everyone if we are to stand a chance of navigating our way in a world controlled by digitization processes and AI.

Content, Development Projects, & Support Services:

Think it. Code it.

Became the founding thought for creating our Ed Tech learning methodology in 2012.
Today we are a dedicated interdisciplinary learning model that uses an approach that balances technology and emotional intelligence in a world driven by artificially generated algorithms. In addition to our technical literacy programs, we also specialize in emotional resilience coaching for teachers, students, and even their families. Anyone can learn to handle the stress and responsibilities that come with living in the age of digital transformation.
‘Give a child a fish, feed them for a day, teach them to fish, feed them for life’ .

Live online Support for professional consultations and training in:

We Specialize In

Emotional resilience

… strategies for coping in a complex tech driven world

Practical tech literacy

… content and training for teachers in elementary and high schools


Teaching programs

… learn how to read, write, and teach a programming language properly.

Tech literacy content

… available to teach students beginning in kindergarten to the end of grade 12


Live online interactive

… tech literacy courses (ages 8+) taught directly by Project Gnosis teachers

Live online emotional

… intelligence courses for students, teachers, and their families

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Team

Michaela Sorrentino

CEO & Emotional Intelligence Coach

I am convinced the Project Gnosis blended training and learning platform is the best approach there is for teaching and learning about better emotional health and technical literacy.

Lauren Matthews

Political and Public Affairs Officer

Lauren’s biggest drive comes from having a visionary like appetite for researching and developing sustainable ‘make-sense’ living models in a world desperately in need of change and healing.

Sami Asaker

CTO & Ed Tech Coach

Coding is the foundation for technical literacy and a vital skill to have if we hope to build a sustainable future at all. I believe one good platform is all anyone needs to teach and learn.

Dean Edinam

Human Resource Practitioner

Dean is enthusiastic about having conversations and establishing rapport with fellow team members, teachers and visitors of Project Gnosis.

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