One complete platform is all anyone needs.

So we built one for everyone to use.
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We created an intelligent, interactive method of technical education to support school aged kids and their educators develop fluid and enriched technical literacy, social, and emotional intelligence skills. We are a dedicated research and global content development team. We create Ed Tech courses to nurture and enhance the analytic and emotional intelligence in school aged children from Kindergarten to grade 12.


Since 2013 our team has been dedicated to continuously researching and implementing the most effective approach for teaching emotional intelligence and skill based technical integration. We teach people how to think about technology in a way that will help build a better world.

Our motto:
Think It. Code It.



We use an evidence based and blended learning approach vital for building effective methods to enhance critical thinking skills in students. We continuously research & develop effective EdTech methods to bridge the gap between, education, technology, & their associated industries. All of these sectors benefit from the skill based learning necessary for navigating our way in a world driven by technology.


Discover our user friendly, off the shelf digital education apps for students starting as early as kindergarten. We offer lessons in hands on topics such as keyboarding exercises,PC repair, robotics, coding and so much more.

In addition check out our educator coaching in both emotional intelligence and 21st century EdTech pedagogical approaches.

Why Choose Us


We provide ...

intuitive and off the shelf content made with educators and students in mind. We use evidence based testing by running pilot projects directly in schools.


Kids learn ...

best in class supported by teachers in real time thats why we built a virtual classroom. Our learning outcomes are successful, skill based, and continuously modified for kids to reach their optimal learning outcomes.


We price ...

to fit all budgets whether you are a teacher, parent, or businesses.


Best of all ...

we put fun into boring! We understand kids learn better through play!

about us

Project Gnosis is an award winning evidence based research platform dedicated to educating the future. We have identified the biggest threat to humanity right now being caused by a lack of relevant knowledge base. There is the serious absence of 21st century skill based content in subject areas such as tech literacy and emotional resilience. We believe education is a basic human right and vital to be a part of the global collective solution. That’s why we have been building a single platform that will provide people -especially kids- with the tools they need to integrate successfully in a world driven by AI algorithms and the desire for a perfect brand image.

One succinct platform is all anyone needs. So we built it.


ClassesVirtual Classroom

Nice To Meet You

Sami A. Asaker

Sami A. Asaker

General Manager, Founder & CTO

Hi there, my name is Sami A. Asaker. I decided to co-found and develop the Project Gnosis platform for reasons quite personal to me. Getting a M.Sc. degree in information system technology was no easy task. My program began with over 400 enthusiastic students, but by the time I graduated there were only 5 of us left. Most of the students who dropped out did so because of computer programming issues. I managed to grasp what I needed to make it through my studies, but realised later on the problem wasn’t about anyone’s ability to learn, it had to do with how we were expected to learn it. When I was in high school there were ‘zero opportunities’ available to study coding -even though everyone was already fully engaged with technology! Having done it the hard way, I am in a unique position to understand acquiring the foundation necessary for technical literacy must begin in kindergarten to achieve it by age 18. Coding is the foundation for technical literacy and a vital skill to have if we hope to build a sustainable future at all. I believe one good platform is all anyone needs to teach and learn, so I built it to spare kids from having to do it the hard way and hopefully save all our futures in the process.
Thanks for stopping by!
Cheers, Sami

Michaela Sorrentino

Michaela Sorrentino

Founder & Visionary

Hi there, I’m Michaela Sorrentino and I am the original inspiration behind this EdTech platform named Project Gnosis. After my kids, research and education technology have always been my greatest passion. My children’s obsession with technology was actually what inspired me to bridge the gap between the two, now known as ‘EdTech’ in most academic circles.
With a degree in philosophy and an eye for researching the ‘big picture’ stuff, I realized that emotional health and computer programming would become vital for successfully navigating a sustainable future in the 21st century. Like any parent, I am also concerned about my children’s future. After receiving an academic distinction award for our team’s research in 2019, I am convinced the Project Gnosis blended training and learning platform is the best approach there is for teaching and learning about better emotional health and technical literacy. One great platform is all anyone needs. So I created Project Gnosis.
Thanks for dropping by :O)
Cheers, Michaela

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