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Human beings learn by doing. Our learning outcomes are successful, skill based, and continuously modified to bridge the gaps between you and what you need to navigate your way in the future.


EI is a self-healing method developed for people living with emotional issues, including trauma. This is a self care soft tool that helps people build and maintain strong and effective emotional coping mechanisms.


A live cooperative digital knowledge exchange platform with full tech back up for its members. Starting from as little as $60 USD / month. You get full access to your own two-way live interactive virtual classroom! Start earning money and boosting your skills as a member of the Gnosis community.


of education combining both technically and emotionally enriching curricula to support students and mentors of all ages develop fluid skill sets for living their best life on and offline.




„Kids need to learn to integrate intelligently with technology in a sustainable manner in the long-term. Michaela and Sami have developed a well-functioning methodical framework, which has the potential making the difference and creating meaningful impact on society.“

Stefan Maas

CEO & Founder Pitch Club

“Michaela is a professional, caring natural Reiki healer. She put me at ease with her gentle manner. The sessions helped dissipate my physical pain leaving me with a sense of wellbeing and feeling calm and relaxed. I highly recommend Michaela to anyone looking for help with physical pain or looking for help with anxiety and stress”.

Alison S.

From the UK

“Michaela has helped me understand my worth and value as an aspiring yoga teacher. My confidence has increased tremendously as a result of her insight, coaching and encouragement. She pushed me to take initiative, take responsibility for my future, and left me with strategies that have proven to be successful. Her no-nonsense, caring, intuitive approach is awesome and authentic. I can't recommend her highly enough, She is the real deal!”

Liz Giordimaina

From the US

“Working for Project Gnosis from the beginning of COVID was a crazy ride of growth, lessons, insights, and coaching. I worked side by side with the CEO Michaela Sorrentino. I truly believe I will never get another more hands on, honest, and insightful view of how a business grows from the root. If you are someone interested in gaining both the hard and soft skills necessary to truly learn first hand how an online business works and grows from the beginning, I highly recommend looking into and joining Project Gnosis”.

Lauren Matthews

PG intern from the UK

“Being involved with Project Gnosis has inspired me to pursue a career in tech and social media marketing. I look forward to each class I have from coding with Sami, to mentoring with Michaela. I highly recommend joining this amazing project where the hard and soft skills you learn can actually be applied to all areas of my life!”

Shannon Sissons

PG intern from South Africa

“With my time here at Project Gnosis I have become a more effective communicator and an ardent listener. I am now interested in engaging in conversations about work / life balance as I discover more and more how they often bleed affect one another. Project Gnosis provides the hard and soft skills that really impact me in a way that I am actually using what I am learning in real time in all areas of my life. I am the lead intern and partner for the Department of Human Collaboration. I love that we are putting people first in order to get the best out of each other and make an impact for the better when it comes to work, srest, or play!”

Dean Eton

Human Resources PG intern from Nigeria

"Michaela is very friendly and warm. She inspired me to expand my horizons well beyond this realm and opened the doors for me to experience transcendence. With her support, I am confident that I can reach my goal."

Dhanush K.

From India

“Michaela’s approach to engaging in the art of emotionally intelligent conversation has proven to be such an effective healing tool. It has been a while since self reflection like this felt this good. Highly recommend it. Thanks Michaela”

Maurice H.

From Germany

“Over the years, Michaela has helped me shift out of feeling stuck in an endless loop of negative emotions like anger. With her support, I have been able to successfully incorporate simple, but effective mindfulness practices that really help me identify and release ‘feelings’ that no longer support me or my environment in a helpful way. Michaela’s healing approach made it crystal clear I truly am the captain of my soul and master of my destiny. It’s been liberating. I highly recommend learning her methods for building emotional resilience in your life”.

Keri Anne T.

From Alberta CA

“Michaela has helped me through a difficult time in my life. She has an amazing wealth of experience. I was impressed with her high level of empathy for my situation. She has helped me to successfully overcome some of my fears and challenges I was facing at that time. With the help of her insightful and passionate healing techniques, I have now more self-confidence and find it easier to get on with my daily demands and reaching my goals”.

Lisa Ioannou

From the UK

“Michaela has provided me with some excellent tools on how to deal with difficult situations. Her healing techniques did wonders to my general outlook on life and how to align myself again with my inner self. I would highly recommend working with Michaela, she has a deep understanding of the connection between mind, body and spirit”.

Romy Meuter

From Germany