Project Gnosis: The door to a world of Knowledge & Skills.

Project Gnosis: Tech-Ed Development Centre is a cost effective, sustainable and holistic technical literacy program established in 2013. The goal was to develop and design a program for school aged students in order to help them integrate intelligently with technology. After 4+ years of research and testing our program in real time, that’s exactly what we did. Now we would like to share our knowledge (Gnosis) with everyone.

Our motto: Think It. Code It.

In less than 10 years, kids need to already be well on their way to computer literacy. In a global market driven by digitization it is absolutely imperative to teach ALL kids how to code. Project Gnosis has found the way:

  • Comprehensive Tech-Ed programs for students from Kindergarten to Grades12 for public and privately run schools
  • Workshops in basic hardware engineering for both public, private and NFP corporations
  • Programs for individuals or groups interested in forming clubs and afterschool recreational activities
  • We are flexible in our pricing and can tailor our programs to suit all levels of education
  • Consulting services to help organize & customize programs for your company’s & student’s needs
  • Support for students with advanced programming skills seeking assistance with project management in the form of one to one tutoring
  • NFP project collaboration and pilot projects in Tech-Ed, VR, & AI as related to human and scientific development
  • Collaboration with groups and or individuals interested in VR software development projects